How to Prevent Your Car From Rising Smash & Grab Crimes?

How to Prevent Your Car From Rising Smash & Grab Crimes

With the increase in Dubai population, the number of robbers is also increasing day by day. The incidents in which robbers break into vehicles to loot valuable items are also increasing, which is emotionally and financially painful.

But the main and crucial step is to take some specific preventive measures against this sort of smash-and-grab. Here at Auto Glass Shop, we will discuss some practical methods for protecting your vehicle to reduce the chances of smash & grab crimes!

Important Preventive Measures To Protect Your Car From Rising Smash & Grab Crimes

These are some important prevention steps that every driver should follow:

1. Park Wisely

The first and the most important defense against the smash and grab crime is your choice of parking place. So whenever you park your car try to park in visible, well-lighted, and high-traffic areas. Robbers are less likely to target vehicles in busy locations where they could be easily spotted.

2. Use Secure Parking Facilities

Always opt for parking garages or lots with security individuals or security cameras. These facilities provide an extra layer of protection, which makes it less attractive for thieves to attempt a break-in.

3. Use Tinted Windows and Windows Films

This usually makes it harder for the robbers to see inside the car and deter them from attempting a break-in.In addition, window film can enhance the strength of the glass, making it less prone to shattering.

4. Hide Expensive And Valuable Items

When you are moving outside of your car, never leave your precious items inside the car. Robbers are more likely to target cars with visible items like laptops, smartphones, or bags. Keep these things in the box or better yet take them with you .

5. Dashboard Camouflage

Avoid drawing attention to your car by removing any dash-mounted GPS devices or phone holders. Several thieves think that valuable gadgets are inside, resulting in a break-in.

6. Use an Anti Theft Alarm System

An anti-theft alarm can be a significant barrier for robbers. Drives should install anti-theft alarm systems in their vehicles but need to be aware. Because not all the alarm systems work effectively on incident time. Make sure that your car alarm system is working properly and set it whenever you leave your vehicle unattended.

7. Steering Wheel Lock

Invest in a steering wheel lock or similar anti-theft device. The steering wheel lock is an excellent visual barrier against future robbers. These barriers can make it hard for robbers to drive your vehicle even if they manage to break in.

8. Park Backed-In or Against a Wall

Parking your car backed in or against a wall can make it more difficult for the robbers to access the box or rear windows, where they can try to break in. So this is one of the best preventive measures to prevent your car.

9. Use Glass Break Sensors

The sensors for glass break trigger as soon as they hear the sound of glass shattering. When the sensor detects something, it either sounds an alert or notifies you, the police, or both. The three main categories of these alerts are acoustic, shock, and dual sensors.

Quick Tips to Protect Your Car From Rising Smash & Grab Crimes

Here are some quick tips to protect your vehicle from the rising smash-and-grab crimes:

  1. Keep Windows Up and Doors Locked: Always roll up your windows completely and lock your car doors when you leave your vehicle, regardless of whether you are leaving your vehicle for a few minutes.
  2. Install a Security System: Opt for installing a car alarm system with visible signals to prevent potential robbers.
  3. Remove Key chain: When moving outside of your car take your key chain with you. To intercept and replicate key fob signals, robbers can use innovative electrical devices. So be careful.
  4. Don’t Leave Spare Keys in the Car: Don’t leave any extra keys or garage door openers inside your car.
  5. Park Near Surveillance Cameras: When parking in public spaces, choose spots near surveillance cameras, which can deter criminals and provide evidence in case of an incident.
  6. Use Steering Wheel Locks: These devices make it difficult for thieves to drive your car even if they gain access.
  7. Consider Window Etching: Etch your vehicle’s VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number) onto the windows to discourage robbers and help in recovery if something is stolen.
  8. Stay Aware: At night be alert of your surroundings particularly in strange areas. If you notice anything fishy directly report it to the police or colonial guards.
  9. Prioritize Your Safety First: If you ever face a robber attacking your car, prioritize your safety first. Do not confront them by yourself; instead, call the police instantly.

The Bottom Line!

If you don’t want to become a target, take some precautions immediately. The above preventive measures can help you secure your vehicle and valuable items from potential robbers, such as smart parking and theft deterrents.

It is crucial to prioritize your life above all else, as nothing is more important. Remember that care and proactive measures are your best allies in the fight against smash-and-grab crimes. So, stay safe and keep your vehicle secure!

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